Provably Fair
How it works?
What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair is a system allowing players to verify that the site operates legitimately and doesn't tamper with game results. It leverages cryptography and third party input to generate random values. At the end of the game, players can verify that the outcome was indeed determined by the original seed and inputs, thus proving that the game was fair.

Server Seed

Server Seed is a randomly generated hexadecimal string created before each PvE game by the server. The seed is stored privately in our database, and its SHA256 hash is sent to the client. Every time a string is hashed, it produces the same result. The process cannot be reversed. This means that the user doesn't know the outcome, but can verify that the server is not changing the seed during the game.

Server Hash (Hashed version of server seed)
Client Seed

The Client Seed, you're free to alter the seed to your preference, but for better security.

Check Game ID

Enter the Game ID of the game you want to get fairness details of. You can find the Game ID in the game history.

Check Serial

Enter the Serial Number that you received from